2018 Greyzone (TV Fiction)
2018 Kriger (TV Fiction)
2017 Tinkas Juleeventry (TV Fiction)
2015 What We Become (Feature Film)
2015 Goodbye Theresienstadt (Documentary)
2013 The Carbon Crooks (Documentary)
2013 October 43 (Documentary)
2012 Stranger Within (Feature)
2012 I’ll Keep an Eye on You (Short)
2011 Law of the Jungle (Documentary)
2011 Ludvig and Santa Claus (TV Fiction)
2010 The Micro Debt (Documentary)
2010 Vilddyr (Short)
2010 Med Lukkede Øjne (Feature Film)
2009 Nuummioq (Feature)
2009 Huset overfor (Short)
2009 2-45 (Short)
2008 Faith, Hope and Greenland (Short)
2008 Ses (Short)
2008 The Climate Mystery (Documentary)
2008 Flip the Coin – The Bitter Taste of Tea (Documentary)
2007 Milosevic on Trial (Documentary)
2006 Elsker ikke (Short)
2006 Terapi (Short)
2006 Three Summers (Short)
2006 Daddy-O (Short)
2005 Louise (Short)
2004 Doomsday Called Off (Documentary)

TV CREDITS (Selected)

2017 Lokalradiofonien (TV Series)
2017 The Young Used Car Dealers (TV Series)
2016 My Life As A Warning (TV Series)
2016 The Young Vicars (TV Series)
2015 We are Kirsten Jensen (TV documentary)
2015 The Danish Royal Family – A 1000 year history (TV documentary)
2014 The Village That Refused to Die (TV documentary)
2014 Zirkus Nemo
2014 Ghetto on Benefit (TV documentary)
2014 My world history (TV Series)
2013 Sporløs (TV Series)
2013 Vi stiller om til (TV Series)
2012 Stjerne på Slottet (TV Series)
2012 Don’t tell the Bride’ (TV Series)
2010 Cattle Race (TV Series)
2009 Comedy Fight Club (TV Series)
2007 2900 Happiness (TV-Drama)
2004 Denmark’s Worst Driver (TV Series)
2002 Fear Factor, Denmark, Norway and Sweden (TV Series)
2002 Temptation Island (TV Series)
2001 Big Brother, Season one and two, chief editor (TV Series)
1999 White Lies (TV-Drama)